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NEVADA The Robinson copper/gold mine, which is being restarted by QUADRA MINING, will be the new home of a Bucyru...
NEVADA The Robinson copper/gold mine, which is being restarted by QUADRA MINING, will be the new home of a Bucyrus 49RIII rotary blasthole drill and a 495HR electric mining shovel, says BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Erection of the shovel is underway at the mine, and the drill was expected to arrive by the end of August.

Designed for their ability to be productive in hard rock situations, the 49RIII drill will handle Quadra's mining requirements. It provides hole diameters of 9-5/8" to 16" with bit loading of 141,000 lbs and angle hole drilling of up to 25 degrees. The mainframe, crawler frame and mast structures have been designed for maximum longevity.

The 49RIII features several upgrades compared to earlier versions. Fully cleated crawler links with an increased pin bearing area provide smoother operation and longevity. A 65-ft tubular mast with a forged and machined rack provides a longer lasting rack life and greater stability. A new water injection dust suppression system featuring a 1,000-gallon tank and electrically driven water pump is being added to provide better linear control at higher pressures. Enhanced DC drives are equipped with filters to prevent failure due to power line harmonics.

The 495HR shovel represents the newest of the 495 series shovels. Like its predecessors, the 495HR makes use of a Siemens AC-IGBT electric drive system. The AC system eliminates brushes, fuses and RPC components that are high maintenance items on DC drive machines. A fully modular electrical room ships directly to the field to make erection fast.

The 495HR shovels contains the new SuperCab with more space and an innovative design that focuses on visibility and operator comfort. In addition, they feature an innovative new machinery house that includes an additional workroom under the operator's cab and roof hatches to allow ready access to all components on board the shovel. A third rail system (allowing the use of larger, wider, flangeless lower rollers) and lowered swing planetaries (for improved maintainability and ease of access) are only two of the numerous features that are designed for extended life and ease of maintenance.

With design enhancements in all structural areas and the ability to offer increased horsepower in key digging motions the 495 high performance shovels
can be fully rated up to 120 tons per pass when specified. The addition of a Bucyrus FastFilTM dipper makes this the most productive electric rope shovel available on the market today.

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