PIT EQUIPMENT – Bucyrus sells shovels & drills to Brazil

MILWAUKEE - BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL has sold four rotary blasthole drills (two 49HR and two 39HR) and two 495HR elect...


MILWAUKEE - BUCYRUS INTERNATIONAL has sold four rotary blasthole drills (two 49HR and two 39HR) and two 495HR electric mining shovels to a copper mine in Brazil. Delivery of one shovel is already underway. All of the machines are expected to begin operation later this year.

The 49 series drills provide many features for reduced maintenance and increased productivity. Components are designed for easy access and maximum longevity. Gear trains, including mast machinery, are engineered for strength and durability. A reliable electrical system performs in all weather conditions and an efficient and comfortable cab supports maximum operator productivity. The 49HR provides angle hole drilling of up to 25 with a 251- to 406-mm hole diameter.

Bucyrus' 39HR drill provides hole diameters of 228 mm to 311 mm and bit loading of 55,000 kg. It combines field-proven technology with modular design techniques to enhance the benefits of its predecessor, the 39R. The result is a drill with the production capabilities of larger machines and the flexibility, speed and manoeuvrability of smaller machines. A key flexibility feature of the 39HR is the ability of the machine to drill under itself at a -15 slope. Efficient angle hole drilling is accomplished without the use of back braces, which allows infinite angle adjustment between 15 and +30, the only machine of its kind available today.

The 495 series shovel has a proven history of outstanding productivity and incorporates new and innovative technologies to further enhance its capabilities. The 495 utilizes the Siemens AC-IGBT electric drive system. A fully modularized electrical room ships directly to the field to facilitate the erection process. The 495HR shovels carry the new "SuperCab" which is setting industry standards for operator visibility, comfort and safety. In addition, the 495HR machinery house includes an additional workroom under the operator's cab and roof hatches, which allow ready access to all components on board the shovel.

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