POLYMETALLIC EXPLORATION NEWS Public Workshops on Calendar for Manhattan’s Peruvian Project

TAMBOGRANDE, Peru Peru's Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) will conduct 11 citizen participation workshops on the T...


TAMBOGRANDE, Peru Peru's Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) will conduct 11 citizen participation workshops on the Tambogrande polymetallic project between October 9 and 30, project-holder Vancouver's MANHATTAN MINERALS said on Sept. 29. MEM's environmental authority will conduct the workshops in different areas of the region, in northern Peru's Piura Department, where the copper-zinc-gold project is located, the company said.

The proposed mine has triggered fierce opposition from the local farming community, which is concerned about water supplies, and would involve the relocation of 1,800 homes in the south of the town to an entirely new neighbourhood.

In response to growing opposition to new mining projects, Lima's government introduced the workshops into the environmental impact study (EIS) evaluation process at the end of last year to ensure community involvement in the approval of new projects. The EIS public consultation process will culminate with three public audiences in Lima, Piura and Tambogrande on Nov. 5, 6 and 7, respectively, MEM reported Friday along with publishing details in Peru's official newspaper El Peruano and other media. The long-awaited workshops, the first time they will have been held in Peru, will include presentations by MEM, Manhattan and consultants Klohn Crippen, which carried out the Tambogrande EIS.

The meeting in the town of Tambogrande, where the mine is due to be built, has been scheduled for a Friday to allow it to continue the next day if necessary, said MEM.

Manhattan plans to spend US$405 million over the mine's 17-year life to produce 260,000 oz of gold and 3.2 million oz of silver annually for 3.5 years before the underlying copper-zinc deposit is developed. Reserve and resource estimates are posted at www.manhattan-min.com. The Canadian company has until May 31, 2004, to acquire 75% of the project under an option agreement with state-owned CENTROMIN. The state miner would hold the remaining 25%.


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