Powerful new features added to Micromine 2023.5

Micromine is launching Micromine 2023.5. The mid-year release, comprising new  features and enhancements to Micromine’s entire suite of products, underscores the company’s […]
Expect more from the Micromine 2023.5 suite of mining software. Micromine photo

Micromine is launching Micromine 2023.5. The mid-year release, comprising new  features and enhancements to Micromine's entire suite of products, underscores the company's  ongoing commitment to providing mining professionals with cutting-edge solutions that drive productivity and efficiency.

Some key highlights of this release include:

Micromine Alastri and Micromine Spry introduce two game-changing features. With Micromine Alastri  2023.5, users can access the world's only true battery-electric haulage modeling – an accurate way to  model multiple scenarios for battery-electric trucks and traditional fleet. And Micromine Spry's reserving functionality consolidates tools to eliminate the need for switching between applications to  generate precise reserve data.

The company's flagship product, Micromine Origin, amplifies exploration potential by unlocking more  time for users to analyze and act on results rather than manipulate data. The latest update will also  enhance overall productivity thanks to variogram usability improvements, enhanced modeling, and  more streamlined drillhole planning.

Micromine Beyond allows for more rapid scenario modeling, enhanced validation of plans, and a more  seamless connection between mine design and scheduling. In addition, Micromine Geobank's flow  designer and job scheduler updates break down process barriers and ensure focus is always on  discovery.

OEM-agnostic fleet management solution, Micromine Pitram, has updated its best-in-class asset health and positioning modules to monitor entire fleets with near-real-time data to reduce unscheduled  downtime and manual data entry.

And lastly, Micromine Nexus' web viewer equips senior and external stakeholders with precisely what  they need to make the decisions that keep their projects moving. It breaks down collaboration barriers  by providing a simple and concise way to communicate the messages in models. As a result, any  stakeholder can visualize and interrogate models like a geologist, enabling collaboration on exploration  and mining projects without training or modeling software.

Micromine 2023.5 is now available for download and upgrade for all existing Micromine users. For more  information or to request a trial, visit www.Micromine.com.


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