PUMPS: Timetric respondents name Weir world’s best

LONDON, U.K. – A recent survey by Timetric‘s Mining Intelligence Center (MIC) asked over 630 mine managers and senior decision makers across […]
LONDON, U.K. – A recent survey by Timetric's Mining Intelligence Center (MIC) asked over 630 mine managers and senior decision makers across more than 500 mines globally, to nominate the leading manufacturers (in first and second place) for different types of mining equipment, including pumps and submersibles, regardless of their own supplier. With more than 240 votes and nominating 50 different manufacturers, combining nominations as the first and second leading company, respondents nominated Weir Minerals as the leading manufacturer of mining pumps, dewatering pumps and submersibles, receiving 24% of the total nominations. This was followed by Xylem with 14% of the total nominations, and Kirloskar in third place with 9%. AllightSykes was next with 5% of the total pool and KSB received 4% rounds out the top five manufacturers. The results show the strength of Weir Minerals in penetrating the market in five of the six regions, where they received more than 20% of the votes. Xylem, however, is the only other top manufacturer that received nominations in every region, with the most mentions in Latin America of the leading manufacturers. Australia, Asia and Africa appear to be more competitive markets for the leading players as four out five of the top manufacturers received nominations in each of these regions. AllightSykes, an Australian based company, was mentioned the most in Australia but was also considered as a leading manufacturer in Asia and Africa. Kirloskar appears to be the leading pumps manufacturer in Asia receiving 41% of the total nominations for the region. Although Kirloskar is an Indian-based company it is also nominated as Africa’s leading manufacturer. Timetric's survey covered respondents across the globe, extending across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, North America and Latin America. Please visit WeirMinerals.com to find the perfect pumps for every application.


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