Rail Veyor of Sudbury wins innovation award

SUDBURY, ON – Rail-Veyor’s® Bulk Material Handling Solution for surface and underground applications earned the company this year’s Bell Canada Innovation Award.“It’s an honour to berecognized by our peers in...

SUDBURY, ON – Rail-Veyor’s® Bulk Material Handling Solution for surface and underground applications earned the company this year’s Bell Canada Innovation Award.

“It’s an honour to berecognized by our peers in the community.” says Rail-Veyor’s President &CEO Ron Russ at the Bell Canada Excellence Awards. “It is rewarding to see the technology developed by the Rail-Veyor® team attract so much interest from somany industries world-wide,” adds Russ.

Rail-Veyor® provides a solution to handle complex industrial material haulage problems byoffering the best of conveyors, truck haulage and heavy rail haulage in onecomplete package. Rail-Veyor® is an electrically powered series of 2-wheeled interconnected mini rail cars that can operate 24/7 and travel along a lightrail track at speeds up to 8 m/s or 18 mph. The remote controlled Rail-Veyor®technology is comprised of components that allow continuous material haulage without diesel emissions and with significantly less capital andmaintenance costs than other options. The simplicity, adaptability and its impressive financial returns make the Rail-Veyor® technology appealing to many industries.

“Rail-Veyor’s ability to maneuver through complex track geometries, transport across difficult topography and easily stop and start on gradients up to 20% caught my attention,” comments Rail-Veyor’s President & CEO, Ron Russ, a formerrailway CEO. “Besides the safety aspects of an un-manned system, its efficiency as an automated system with a small environmental footprint is something most bulk material handling systems can’t touch.”

Vale, one of the world’s mining giants installed the Rail-Veyor system in Dec 2011 at its Copper Cliff 114 Ore Body and the system was operational by June 2012. According to Kate McLaughlin, a former Vale Engineer, the Rail-Veyor® technology doubled the mine’s advance rates and production rates.

“Lead time to productionfor any project is extremely critical for the ROI on the project. So if we candevelop twice as fast as we currently do to bring an ore zone into productionand reduce it from four years of pre capital expenditures to two, this has a huge impact on the returns on investments,” says Alex Henderson, General Manager, Underground Mine Technology, Vale.

The Rail-Veyor® system, in an underground mining application, eliminates the need for underground infrastructure such as ore passes, crusher stations and large bins where accidents seem to occur. It enables mines to go deeper and easily transport far below the shaft within a small 8’x8’ or 2.4m x 2.4m opening and integrate with the mine’s existing mobile equipment if necessary.

It’s not just the mining industry that has its eye on the Rail-Veyor® technology. “There are many aggregate companies that see the value our system brings to the table,” says Pat Fantin, VP of Technical Services, Rail-Veyor®.

“The multiple dump loop configurations offer so many site-specific ways to apply the Rail-Veyor®technology and its ability to adapt to any application is self-evident,” saysMike Vanderhoof, Superintendant of Mine Development, Vale.



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