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RARE GEM NEWS True North Unearths Blue Beryl

VANCOUVER, British Columbia TRUE NORTH GEMS is being a little cagey about exactly where they were found, but the...

VANCOUVER, British Columbia TRUE NORTH GEMS is being a little cagey about exactly where they were found, but the company has confirmed the discovery of rare transparent gemstones "the colour of blue velvet." The discovery was made on True North’s 100%-owned True Blue property in the Yukon. The prospecting was done as a collaboration between True North and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to fund the research conducted by Dr. Lee Groat of the University of British Columbia.

The gems may be a Canadian version of a deep blue beryl, heretofore only found in Brazil. But unlike their Brazilian cousins, the Canadian stones do not fade to colourless when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, they may be an entirely new type of gem. Pictures are available in the photo gallery at

"We are excited about this discovery because the blue gemstones have been found in a unique geological environment enriched in rare earth elements that suggest this blue gemstone could be something quite unique," says Andrew Lee Smith, CEO of True North.

The company is encouraged by the initial field reports. "Indications based on the blue beryl gemstone’s hue, tone and saturation are that True North Gems has discovered what appears to be a new variety of beryl," says William Rohert, a consulting gemologist for True North.

Further scientific investigation of the crystal chemistry necessary to classify the rare blue beryl will be conducted by Professor Lee Groat of the University of British Columbia Earth and Ocean Sciences Department and by George Rossman of the California Institute of Technology. The results from the independent analysis are expected within four weeks. Authentication of the results will be conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

More than 50 samples of beryl crystals have been found on the True Blue property located 119 km northwest of the company’s 100%-owned Regal Ridge property, where the size of 13 emeralized zones is now known to extend 1,500 m by 500 m with a vertical section of 200 m.

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