RECYCLING: GIW pays for white iron scraps

GEORGIA – It may be comforting to know that if a slurry pump breaks down, GIW Industries has your back. Their team […]
GIW offers competitive payment for white iron scraps.
[caption id="attachment_1003726348" align="aligncenter" width="434"] GIW offers competitive payment for white iron scrap.[/caption] GEORGIA – It may be comforting to know that if a slurry pump breaks down, GIW Industries has your back. Their team of service techs can help repair or replace your equipment. But what happens to the scrap that gets left behind? Slurry pump parts are made of white irona type of cast iron. Most of the carbon content in white iron comes from hard carbides instead of graphite; this composition helps white iron offer higher wear resistance than steel. White iron is preferred for slurries with particles greater than 6-mm in diameter, a pH greater than 4.5, and at temperatures up to 120°C. Of course, white iron can’t resist wear and breakage forever – which leaves operators with the scraps. If left to collect dust on-site, scraps can take up valuable space and even pose safety risks. A waste company can collect and dispose of the scraps, but that leaves operators with the bill. Fortunately, there’s a way for facilities to recycle scraps and get paid for it. GIW offers an easy-to-use, competitively priced Scrap Buyback Program. When customers have a load of scrap ready, they can contact GIW’s Buyback Program representative to arrange a pickup. Customers need only load the scrap onto a truck, and GIW takes it from there. The scrap arrives at the recycling facility within a few days and is weighed. The weight then determines how much money or credit you receive. All you need to do is make a call and wait for the check. Since GIW offers competitive rates on white iron, customers often get more money back than they would with typical scrappers. The Buyback Program accepts a variety of white iron scraps, especially all GIW hi-chrome parts. GIW will even accept some competitors’ white iron parts. The GIW Scrap Buyback Program takes the hassle out of scrap disposal by making the process easy and profitable. All it takes is a phone call. GIW wants to be your first choice for purchasing your scrap and will work with you to provide a solution. Feel free to contact the GIW Buyback Specialist, Derrick Lamar, at [email protected], or call 706-434-0577.


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