REMOTE WORKPLACES: GeoPro solution goes far beyond satellite, cell phone capability

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - Field crews, particularly those in the earliest stages of exploration, often find thems...

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - Field crews, particularly those in the earliest stages of exploration, often find themselves in the wilderness. Even satellite voice and data facility is not enough to know precisely where they are should an emergency arise. Now there is a new solution - GeoPro - that goes far beyond the capabilities of satellite and cell phones.

The solution includes a hand-held messenger unit and a two-way web application tied together with the GeoPro network and Iridium satellite network. GeoPro has been extensively tested in Northern Ontario.

What sets GeoPro apart is the number of applications the messenger device supports that satellite phones do not. The device has a dedicated emergency alert button, a check-in and tracking capability, and the ability to capture, store and send geotagged GPS co-ordinates related to a location of interest. All this and more is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. The result is improved management oversight of the safety and productivity of remote crews.

The GeoPro messenger also offers two-way text messaging. Notes up to 160-characters long can be sent or received to an SMS address, email address or another GeoPro messenger using the GeoPro address. A geologist working in the field could, for example, take a GPS fix on a location of interest, add a 160 character note about it and either save this to his or her device or immediately upload it over the air to a user of the GeoPro web application.

The amount of GPS information the GeoPro device provides includes latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity and direction. All of this can be shared with another GeoPro user in the field or via the web application.

The GeoPro messengers retails for C$699 through Roadpost ( in Canada. Text messaging costs are lower than most conventional cell phone plans. Learn more about it at


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