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SAFETY: IDS GeoRadar and Worldsensing launch mine monitoring system

Mine safety monitoring Credit: IDS Georadar

Mine safety monitoring Credit: IDS Georadar

EUROPE Worldsensing and IDS GeoRadar, both in the monitoring technology space, cooperated to launch a comprehensive mine safety monitoring system. The integrated system will be the first in the world to offer surface, sub-surface and geospatial monitoring in a single package, simplifying contracting and deployment.

The software will exploit Worldsensing’s Loadsensing internet-of-things (IoT) wireless monitoring system to reduce the costs and delays associated with traditional wired or manually read sensor networks.

The joint solution will simplify data management through IDS GeoRadar’s HxGN GeoMonitoring Hub integrated visualization and analysis platform.

For the first time, mining companies will have a single-interface monitoring system, which now includes wireless geotechnical and environmental sensors in addition to radar, total station and satellite inputs.

“As leaders in the IoT remote monitoring space, Worldsensing invests in making Loadsensing technology compatible not only with various sensors but also with third-party software, such as HxGN GeoMonitoring Hub by IDS GeoRadar,” Bernat Trias, Worldsensing’s director of products, said in a release.

“IDS GeoRadar is committed to helping customers put their data to work and we are delighted to present this software knowing that it will positively influence the mining world for years to come,” Alberto Bicci, president of IDS GeoRadar, added.

Loadsensing is the leading wireless monitoring system from Worldsensing. The system allows mining operators to connect and wirelessly monitor tailings dams and excavations in over 80 mines across 20 countries. Worldsensing collaborates with a variety of technology partners in the monitoring and mining industry to offer a global solution for safety monitoring and risk management at mines.

IDS GeoRadar, a Hexagon company, provides products and solutions, based on radar technology, for mining, civil engineering and monitoring applications. Hexagon is a global leader in sensors, software and autonomous solutions.

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