SPT Releases All Latitude High Accuracy Gyro RigAligner™

Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) is proud to introduce the new Gyro RigAligner™, a device that can accurately and precisely align drill rigs […]
SPT Gyro RigAligner Credit: SPT
[caption id="attachment_1003739813" align="aligncenter" width="350"]SPT Gyro RigAligner Credit: SPT SPT Gyro RigAligner Credit: SPT[/caption] Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) is proud to introduce the new Gyro RigAligner™, a device that can accurately and precisely align drill rigs in less than 5 minutes on the surface and in underground operations, increasing productivity. It is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing an azimuth accuracy of 0.5° and inclination of 0.05°. SPT Gyro RigAligner is among the most robust and accurate rig aligner tools in the market today. SPT Gyro RigAligner can be used for diamond drilling, reverse-circulation drilling or exploration drilling, and is designed with a 3 precise axis with a total weight of 4.2 kg. Applications include: diamond drilling, reverse circulation drilling and exploration. Key Problem while drilling in high latitude The existing alignment devices in the market face a key problem when performing operations in higher latitudes. The closer you get to either pole, the horizontal projection to the earth’s angular velocity vector gets smaller and smaller. As you start approaching the northern latitude, the projection between the horizontal vector to the earth’s angular velocity vector is minimum. Towards the equator, the horizontal projection and the earth’s angular velocity vector is higher, and the vertical projection to the earth’s angular velocity vector is less. SPT’s mathematical model solves this important industry issue by using Navibore™ Technology, it is able to accurately find the precise azimuth values for northern latitudes. Advantages of using SPT Gyro RigAligner
  • SPT uses Navibore Technology, and has built Solid State sensors that are able to take repeatable Gyro Compasses, and give you the ability to create and export your data in multiple formats.
  • Azimuth accuracy of ± 0.5° and an inclination accuracy of ± 0.05°.
  • Automatic Quality Control, ensuring the data presented is correct.
  • Extended rechargeable long battery. Lifetime lasts over 10 hours of continuous usage time.
  • Robust batteries built to withstand harsh conditions having operating temperatures between -20ºC to +60ºC.
  • Align the rigs in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to transport due to its small size and lightweight.
  • Extended and strong Bluetooth connections, ensuring successful connections and downloads.
  • Gyro RigAligner is extremely durable and reliable.
[caption id="attachment_1003739814" align="aligncenter" width="325"]SPT Gyro RigAligner case Credit: SPT SPT Gyro RigAligner case Credit: SPT[/caption] GyroMaster Continuous Surveying In addition to our new Gyro RigAligner, SPT offers the only gyro survey tool in the market that is capable of surveying in continuous mode, for all inclinations (vertical, horizontal, and inclined) boreholes. GyroMaster™ is also able to start surveying from -90°. Gyro Compasses are taken at sigma 3 level, and parameters are established within the survey software to ensure that procedures are followed. (Learn more about Sigma 3 level here). SPT Gyro survey tools take independent surveys for the in-run and out-run so that you have comparable data to check the N/E (Northing, Easting) positions are within the acceptance criteria. The tool can register data points at every centimeter, and the data can be exported at any interval in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, CSV, LAS, DXF). QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) is ensured by creating independent control reports for each in-run and out-run operation. This is integrated into the SPT software, which is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface for the operator to get accurate and precise readings of the well. SPT tools are equipped with Li-Ion batteries, that provide 20+ hrs of battery life, with extended Bluetooth communication. It can operate between -30°C and 70°C. It is also equipped with a highly accurate optical encoder measuring wheel with Bluetooth transfer. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance or further information about Gyro RigAligner at www.sptab.com. The content above is a sponsored post from SPT.


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