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TAILINGS: Inmarsat releases tool for tailings management

UNITED KINGDOM – Mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat announced the launch of an updated version of its Tailings Dam Monitoring Solution, an internet-of-things tool for monitoring mining tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

Dubbed Tailings Insight, the upgraded tool has a cloud version that is a software-as-a-service application that compiles tailings data from multiple sources.

According to Inmarsat, the application integrates with existing on-site sensors and connectivity networks to enable real-time monitoring, and supports historical data input for comparative analysis. It also provides multiple sensor map views, alarm monitoring, data logging, journaling, sensor health reporting and data exports.

The cloud version gives personnel across mining companies and external bodies, such as regulators, auditors and insurers, complete visibility of TSF conditions on a site and at a global level.

In a press release, the British company explained that Tailings Insight also has a ‘plus’ version that incorporates the cloud version and features sensor integration, edge connectivity, satellite connectivity, and ongoing service monitoring and management.

“With Inmarsat controlling the entire end-to-end process, it can offer service level agreements (SLAs) ensuring the continuous gathering of data, which best supports real-time monitoring,” the company said in a press release.

“The proposition can be installed at any mine globally and is ideal for TSFs without reliable connectivity, TSFs that require special attention due to their risk status and for mining companies looking to demonstrate their commitment to safe tailings management.”

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