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The Northern Miner Podcast – episode 194: CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian on the coronavirus, computer modelling and electric vehicles, part 1

This week’s episode features the first of a two-part interview with CPM Group managing partner Jeffrey M. Christian at the Canadian Mining Symposium, held on Zoom from June 16-18, 2020. executive editor Frik Els asked Christian about his views on the economy, research methods, gold, and the electric vehicle market.

Jeffrey M. Christian is managing partner at CPM Group, a precious metals and commodities research and consulting company he founded in 1986 in a buyout of the Goldman Sachs Commodities Research Group he managed at that time. He has a deep understanding of the mechanics of precious metals and commodities trading and investing, as well as derivatives markets, commodities in general, and broad economic and financial trends. CPM advises major producers, users, governments, central banks, and institutional investors on how best to manage their financial exposure to precious metals and commodities.

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