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TRAINING: Immersive adds LX6 to medium fidelity simulator family

Six full HD screens on the LX6 offer a large field of view.

AUSTRALIA – Immersive Technologies the world’s largest supplier of surface and underground mining equipment simulators is proudly announcing the latest addition to its medium fidelity simulator range. The LX6 is a brand new medium fidelity simulator platform which offers the same value for early stage training as the high fidelity simulators such as the PRO4 , and is ideal for machine and site familiarization, emergency response training and compliance training.

Compatible with a wide range of equipment modules or conversion kits available from Immersive Technologies, the LX6 allows sites to expand their training throughput and extend the utilization of existing simulator equipment conversion kits in a cost-effective manner.

The deployment of medium fidelity simulators such as the LX3 and now the LX6, has become a popular complement to high fidelity simulators such as the PRO4 and IM360. This combination allows mining operations to free up their high fidelity simulators for later stage and business improvement focused training, while utilizing medium fidelity platforms for early stage and compliance focused training. The result is a solution that provides the required training throughput capacity while being cost effective.

The wide horizontal field of view on the LX6 allows truck trainees to safely transition through intersections and become familiar with a site. It also allows shovel and excavator operators to have a clear view when spotting trucks. The large vertical field of view offers great ground visibility when digging, dozing or grading.

Conversion kits for the LX6 simulator are truly interchangeable across all Immersive Technologies’ platforms, whether a high or medium fidelity simulator proven technology enables fitting any equipment module onto a base simulator allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated, maximizing use of your existing resources.

The LX6 shares the same underlying technology as the industry leading PRO4 and IM360 but with a smaller footprint platform. At a lower price point than the high fidelity simulators, the LX6 is a great solution for expanding training capacity. Upgrade packages are also available for existing LX3 platforms.

The LX6 simulator will be unveiled for the first time publicly at Expomin 2018 trade-show in Santiago, Chile, later this month. Visit Immersive Technologies at booth number 2-H32.

Learn more about the LX6 and see the video at

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