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TRAINING: Immersive Technologies rolls out operator performance analytics

Operator Performance Analytics provides your people with powerful insights to become more effective and efficient.

AUSTRALIA –  Every hour a mine captures hundreds of data points measuring operator performance but too often sites don’t take action due to data overload or lack of understanding about the value that can be unlocked by managing operator variability. A new solution, Operator Performance Analytics, from Immersive Technologies has significantly reduced labor intensive analysis by providing a system which provides insights into operational risk, safety, and productivity loss as well as machine abuse.

Operator performance gaps can be closed immediately when the right data is in the hands of training and operations management. Immersive Technologies connects the workforce development plan, fleet data and training data into a comprehensive reporting dashboard.

At a large coal mine in Wyoming, the machine and productivity data analyzed by Immersive Technologies’ Operator Performance Analytics engine, mapped the impact of operator performance variance on machine health and productivity. Immersive were able to identify three key areas of operator performance deficit representing the greatest  improvement opportunity to the mining operation. This allowed the mine’s training team to action a targeted program focused on operators that sat outside risk and productivity benchmarks.

By providing that visibility and understanding, Immersive was able to directly support an improvement in operator performance, leading to a 28% reduction in operator induced machine events and a 4% reduction in spot time.

With a dedicated analytics center, a global workforce of training advisors and proven best practice training methodology, Operator Performance Analytics provides actionable insights for mining operations to become more effective and efficient.

Operator Analysis from Immersive Technologies:

  • Identify machine health and operator performance variability trends;
  • Provide in-depth reporting on operator performance deviation from benchmarks with specific recommendations for targeted training;
  • Monitor operator performance pre and post training; and
  • Predict workforce requirements to meet mine site objectives.

Following the successful launch of Operator Performance Analytics, Immersive Technologies is able to rollout this service to mining operations globally from 15 offices located in key mining regions around the world, including Fort McMurray, Ottawa and Vancouver.

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