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ABORIGINAL ISSUES: Martin Falls, Aroland First Nations insist on consent for Ring of Fire transportation route

ONTARIO – The Marten Falls and Aroland First Nations have reaffirmed their authority over the land that may become a transportation corridor for mineral development in the Ring of Fire. In a release this week they specifically said the government of Ontario, Noront Resources and KWG Resources cannot make plans without the consent of local communities.

“Greater access to the Ring of Fire requires greater access and use of the lands and waters over which our First Nations have jurisdiction,” said Chief Bruce Achneepineskum of Marten Falls First Nation.  “Marten Falls First Nation and Aroland First Nation laws must be respected by all parties.”

“Our First Nations also expect mining companies to respect and abide by Ontario laws and decisions, especially the terms of references for the Noront Resources environmental assessment,” said Chief Dorothy Towedo of Aroland First Nation. “To complete its environmental assessment, Noront is legally obligated to establish consultation agreements with our First Nations and conduct, with us at the table, a review of alternative transportation options.  So far, that is not happening, and instead we see side attempts at side deals that could avoid those obligations.”

Achneepineskum decried the transportation study advanced by KWG Resources with no First Nation consultation along of mining claims in First Nations’ territories.

Both chiefs can be reached by email: and