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DIESEL EMISSIONS: Onboard monitoring coming to underground engines

SUDBURY, ON – CEMI (Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation) has partnered with Pattern Discovery Technologies and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) to support work on the first onboard diesel emissions monitoring system for underground mining equipment.

Monitoring diesel emissions in real-time can streamline maintenance.

The SenzLogic 2.0 is a rugged system using software created by PDT and hardware developed by WSN.  The technology forms the foundation for real-time monitoring of diesel equipment operation including the continuous evaluation of equipment health, operational efficiency and the impact on mine worker safety.

With state of the art gas sensors from Draeger Safety, the system monitors emissions while diesel equipment is performing routine mining tasks.  Emissions measurements are integrated with engine diagnostic information to develop detailed models which reflect various duty cycles and corresponding emission profiles.  Data can be logged locally, downloaded daily or transmitted wirelessly to surface for immediate interpretation and analysis.

In addition to eliminating time consuming and inconsistent manual testing procedures, SenzLogic 2.0 will streamline maintenance operations through remote monitoring and detection of deteriorating equipment performance.

For more information about the SenzLogic system, contact Paul Sheremeto, president and CEO at Pattern Discovery by email at  or phone at 519-888-1001 x 249.