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EDUCATION: Improve flotation performance with Outotec webinar series

CYBERSPACE – Between April and August 2016, mining and minerals processing professionals worldwide are invited to attend the live flotation webinar series that will be hosted by Outotec.

The webinar series is created to support professional knowledge development and to offer an information forum for flotation experts. The purpose of the webinars is to share insights and best practices on several topics that have a direct influence on improving plant performance. Presentations will be made with operations in mind, and focus on tackling current issues and challenges experienced in flotation processes. All presenters have extensive firsthand experience from sites where they have continuously supported and developed processes that improve the overall performance and usability of flotation plant and auxiliary equipment.

The webinar series is available both in English and Spanish. Webinars are arranged on the BrightTALK platform (live and later on-demand).

Outotec is hosting a series of webinars to help improve flotation performance.

Outotec is hosting a series of webinars to help improve flotation performance.

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The topics of the webinar series are:

  • Finding and eliminating bottlenecks in flotation plants: Original engineering and plant layouts may actually be lowering current performance levels due to changes in the mineral and variations in operating philosophy. These will be discussed and key areas for potential improvements will be outlined. English presentation given by Robert Coleman on April 8, 2016. Spanish presentation given by Hernan Elgueta on April 15, 2016.
  • Optimizing froth area of the flotation cell: Companies often overlook the importance of crowding and launder design. However, both play a critical role in good metallurgical performance of an individual cell, and therefore the overall performance of the plant. Outotec will explore Flotation cells with different duties and in different positions will require different cone and launder configurations and demonstrate how to identify the correct arrangement in a plant. English presentation given by Jason Heath on April 29, 2016. Spanish presentation given by Rodrigo Grau on May 13, 2016.
  • Best maintenance practices to give best metallurgical performance in flotation: Common mechanical issues together with spare and wear parts have a big impact on the efficiency of a flotation plant. These points will be discussed, as well as an overview of some of critical areas that directly affect the overall performance of the plant. English presentation given by Ben Murphy on June 3, 2016. Spanish presentation given by Jose Romero on June 17, 2016.
  • Boosting flotation profitability with modern technology: New technology can be used to replace or improve existing equipment, leading to greater levels of efficiency, usability, reliability, stability and flexibility. Changes in orebodies mean that subsequent changes in equipment are also required. Outotec will explore these changes and latest developments, introducing some simple tools that the audience can use to make preliminary assessments. English presentation given by Sherwin Morgan on July 8, 2016. Spanish presentation given by Alejandro Yañez on July 22, 2016.
  • Stabilization versus optimization – insights to flotation control: Some of the basic and advanced tools that have been developed will be introduced, and how to build a successful control strategy will be discussed to highlight the difference between the stabilization and optimization of a plant. Participants will be invited to discuss current issues in control and operating philosophy with the presenter. English presentation given by Ari Rantala on August 8, 2016. Spanish presentation given by Tano Balbin on August 19, 2016.

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