Cameco Corporation

Port Hope

In addition to its uranium production, Cameco is a major supplier of processing services required to produce fuel for the generation of clean electricity.

Barrick Leads Top 40 List

The numbers have been crunched, the results tabulated, and CMJ is proud to announce this year's top Canadian mining company is the world's biggest gold producer, Barrick Gold. Thanks in part to the historic high price of gold, the company…

Japanese quake sends tsunami through Toronto markets

Japan was rocked by a 9.0 earthquake last Friday followed by a tsunami followed by multiple power reactor failures. It was the fourth largest earthquake in recorded history. The resulting tsunami swept away cars, homes and entire villages. The...

Hunting Diamonds in a Field of Elephants

Geologists often refer to exploration for large deposits as looking for elephants. Large deposits should be easier to find, they should have a long mine life because of their tonnage and they should b...