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Joining Caterpillar’s line-up of generators is the Cat XQ330 mobile diesel generator set, what the company is calling a power solution for […]
Cat XQ330 mobile diesel generator. Caterpillar photo

Joining Caterpillar's line-up of generators is the Cat XQ330 mobile diesel generator set, what the company is calling a power solution for standby and prime power applications.

Powered by the Cat C9.3B diesel engine, the XQ330 is rated for up to 288 kW in standby and 264 kW in prime operation at 60 Hz, and up to 341 kVA in standby and 310 kVA in prime power applications at 50 Hz.

The generator is built in a weather-resistant enclosure that streamlines transport, deployment and maintenance while offering exceptional sound attenuation. It is also equipped with numerous rental-ready features, including a block heater, battery charger, permanent magnet generator (PMG), switchable voltage outputs and optional mounting on a trailer.

The XQ330 is equipped with the EMCP 4.4 digital control panel, which provides all generator set controls and system indicators in a single, easy-to-access interface, as well as a programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality that improves reliability and flexibility for accommodating changes in processes or application requirements. Additionally, it includes fully featured power metering, protective relaying, engine, and generator parameter viewing.

Additionally, the Cat Connect technology allows remote tracking and management of the generator set and improvement of operational efficiency. The telematics send real-time information on fuel level, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level, battery voltage, and run status. Connected assets support peak operation with timely insights that help customers better control costs, improve performance and reduce risks.

“Caterpillar has built a reputation for offering customers mobile power solutions with exceptional versatility, and the Cat XQ330 is equipped with a wide range of easy-to-operate features designed for numerous applications while meeting stringent emissions standards,” said Tom Caldwell, global general manager for electric power rental solutions at Caterpillar.

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