COMMUNICATIONS: Nokia to deploy LTE network for Norcat

SUDBURY – Nokia will deploy its private LTE digital automation platform at Norcat’s underground centre in Sudbury to establish an underground global […]
Training underground Credit: Nokia
[caption id="attachment_1003734261" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Training underground Credit: Norcat Training underground Credit: Nokia[/caption] SUDBURY – Nokia will deploy its private LTE digital automation platform at Norcat’s underground centre in Sudbury to establish an underground global mining innovation centre. Nokia is collaborating with Norcat and Canada’s Centre for Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) to deploy the network connectivity. Nokia’s automation cloud will enable secure wireless communications between miners and surface personnel, including push-to-talk and push-to-video services. The platform will also enable future applications, such as underground asset tracking, autonomous vehicles, and drone surveillance. The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud will provide a high bandwidth, low-latency private LTE wireless network to support mission-critical communication services, asset tracking and remote-controlled autonomous vehicles. With this network, Norcat clients utilizing its underground centre will be able to develop, test and demonstrate emerging technologies to create safer, more productive and efficient mines. “The Norcat underground centre provides our global mining technology clients with a state-of-the-art operating mine that serves as an ‘active laboratory’ to develop and showcase new mining technology innovations. Private LTE is a big step forward for the industry, and the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud as a platform within the underground centre will enable the exploration and creation of innovative solutions for mining,” Don Duval, CEO of Norcat, said in a release. “This is an important milestone for the global mining industry. We’re looking forward to providing our technical expertise and access to our network testbed as we all work together to develop new digital transformation use-cases and emerging technologies to drive and accelerate mining innovation,” Jean-Charles Fahmy, CEO of CENGN, added. Nokia is a leader in providing the next generation of wireless technology to the mining community. Working with its industry partners Komatsu and Sandvik, Nokia’s private LTE/4.9G and 5G networks power autonomous haulage and internet-of-things solutions for the mining industry. Norcat is a global leader in skilled labour training and development and a mining technology and innovation hub. It enables companies to develop, test and demonstrate innovative and emerging technologies for operating mines and is a destination for miners from around the world to see, train on and understand technologies poised to transform the industry. CENGN’s mission is to advance global network technology innovation through its test bed, technical expertise, talent development and partner ecosystem. Nokia is a member of the CENGN ecosystem, which includes Canadian and global technology industry leaders. For more information, visit or


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