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COVID-19 industry survey finds high confidence in mining sector leadership

The Northern Miner and Canadian Mining Journal conducted a reader survey to gauge how the sector is faring through the COVID-19 pandemic, which began officially in March. The survey was open in July and August, with 384 people from the sector taking the time to respond to the combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions. Respondents represented principally mining and exploration companies, suppliers to the industry, and consultants, with a smattering of respondents who identified as investors, or as being part of financial institutions, government or NGOs.

The survey captured a range of views, from the optimistic: “We believe that (the situation) has been handled very well and we are stronger for it,” to others indicating that they are just “scraping by.”

In this first article examining the results, we’ll look at the current state of the industry and how it has been coping with the disruptions and uncertainty of the pandemic. As 85% of survey respondents anticipate that the pandemic will continue to affect the economy and mining for the next year or longer, the second instalment will look at the longer-term picture for miners, and what the industry needs from governments and financial institutions to stay viable during the uncertainty.

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