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DREDGING: Precision technology available from Cable Arm

Cable Arm’s unique clamshell removes precise, flat layers of material.

MICHIGAN – Cable Arm Inc. is a specialist manufacturer of dredging equipment, located in Trenton, Mich. The company’s premier product is a unique clamshell bucket, designed to dig up a layer of soil having constant thickness with each scoop.

Conventional clamshell buckets take a bite that is roughly semi-circular in cross section, deep at the center and shallow near the edges.

Cable Arm equipment is very well suited for environmental remediation projects where the objective is to accurately remove layers of contaminated sediment from a lake bed, river bottom etc.

Cable Arm complements the mechanical features of its dredging clamshells with a sophisticated control system that helps the operator to position the equipment accurately with respect to the bottom of the water body.  The system presents a colour-coded profile of the bottom surface, derived from hydrographic data. As each load of sediment is scooped up, the area that has been cleared is shown on the operator’s screen.

The control system relies on several POSITAL position sensors to provide feedback on equipment location and orientation. Because of the harsh working conditions, these sensors must be very rugged, especially the inclinometers mounted directly on the clamshell components.

Cable Arm dredging systems – including buckets and controls – have been used successfully in important environmental remediation projects for chemical facilities, power plants and large industrial complexes.

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