DUST CONTROL: Earth Alive’s EA1 passes tests with flying colours

MONTREAL – Earth Alive Clean Technologies is reporting exceptional results from a full scale testing of the company’s EA1 microbial dust control […]
MONTREAL – Earth Alive Clean Technologies is reporting exceptional results from a full scale testing of the company's EA1 microbial dust control product by Tata Steel Minerals Canada (TSMC) at its Schefferville, QC, mine site. Successful results of EA1 testing at TSMC's operations included reduced dust emission by 96%, smooth and non-slippery road conditions, a significant reduction in fresh water use for dust control, and no harsh chemicals introduced into the environment. Earth Alive's EA1 microbial dust control technology abates dust by using specifically selected microbial strains to aggregate dust particles in the soil. The EA1 microbial technology is the only organic approved dust control product in the world. EA1 creates conditions that prevent dust from becoming airborne while helping to retain moisture in the soil. EA1 reduces water use by upwards of 80% and eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals to abate dust. EA1 poses no risk to the environment at large, or for groundwater sources. The patent pending microbial technology behind EA1 reintroduces into the soil some of the same natural microbial compounds already found in nature to control dust emissions. EA1 generates cost savings, and controls dust more efficiently with an environmentally sustainable approach. "The very loose composition and conditions of the road bed treated at the TSMC site are amongst the most difficult to treat for dust control anywhere on the planet," stated Marcelo Soutullo, Earth Alive's VP of dust control. "Besides providing reduced direct and indirect dust control and road maintenance costs, the long lasting microbial effect of EA1 provide solid road stabilisation benefits, and drastically help control direct and indirect consequences of dust pollution on the environment, and on the health of workers and neighbouring communities." EA1 is exclusively manufactured and distributed in Canada by Brenntag Canada. Please visit www.Brenntag.ca.


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