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ENERGY: Global ranking renewables use by miners

OTTAWA – The push toward using renewable energy sources – wind, solar, hydro – is not lost on mineral producers. Companies such as Barrick, IamGold, Coldelco, Rio Tinto and Vale are beginning to install these types of electricity generators for reasons of going green and cutting costs.

Now the first global ranking of such efforts is to be rewarded at the Energy and Mines congress in Toronto, Nov. 21-22, 2016. Awards will be made in several categories – those for facilities, transportation, reclamation, exploration and several other. Twenty-one companies will be considered for honours.

Energy and Mines commissioned independent researchers to produce the rankings that will be updated annually. This year’s rankings include commissioned and operational wind and solar projects directly associated with operational energy use by mines. Future rankings will include bioenergy, hydro and geothermal projects.

The rankings research also reveals the prevalence of renewables for non-operational use by mines including renewables on reclaimed mine sites, for which there is currently around 1,100 MW of installed capacity. It also provides insights on additional areas of collaboration between renewables and mines including climate impact reduction and business diversification strategies.

Nominations are being accepted until Oct. 8.

Please see to learn more about the renewable energy in mining awards and to register for the conference.