Rail-Veyor’s South American system fully operational

Rail-Veyor Technologies Global (RVTG) is proud to announce the commissioning in 2021 of the Maroil Trading Railveyor system. Designed to transport tonnes […]
Credit: Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc.

Rail-Veyor Technologies Global (RVTG) is proud to announce the commissioning in 2021 of the Maroil Trading Railveyor system. Designed to transport tonnes of petroleum coke from a refinery to a port terminal in South America, this safer and cleaner option for a material haulage system proves the viability of Railveyor for diverse industrial applications. The configuration of the system also resembles how a customer in the mining industry would use a Railveyor system to transport ore from a processing facility to a port terminal – with similar benefits towards energy efficiency, reduced infrastructure costs and mitigated issues with noise and dust.

Notably, the operation commencement of the Railveyor system was conducted in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic with only a limited impact on the timeline. Because Railveyor is committed to working together with customers, our team quickly transitioned to commission this system on a fully remote basis via videoconferencing when travel restrictions interfered with normal operations. Maroil Trading’s Railveyor system is composed of five trains of 400 metres each propelled by 16 drive stations, with a single loading point and a single discharge point – making for a round trip of approximately 9200 metres.

Additionally, the Railveyor engineering department worked closely with the customer to source and integrate a purpose-built structure which would prevent petroleum coke dust release into the atmosphere while the material discharged to a bin to feed the telescopic elevator. From there, the material is loaded onto a waiting barge which takes the material to an ocean-going ship.

“In this case, the insightfulness of the engineering solutions that the Railveyor team deployed to solve our customer’s unique problem was matched by the strength of our commitment to getting the job done, regardless of the challenge,” said Railveyor CEO Jim Hawkins, “I believe this is an emblematic success story that shows how the Railveyor system can exceed all competitive material haulage solutions at the critical junction of port-to-ship loading, in the mining industry and beyond.”

As of this publication date, 15 vessels have been successfully loaded with over 440,000 metric tonnes of material. The South American project currently has a simple point-to-point design, and plans to extend the installation in the near future are under development.

"We were excited by the promise of efficiency and cleanliness that the Railveyor system offered us at Maroil," said Ulises Armas of Maroil Trading Inc. "And as commissioning was underway, we were even more impressed by the tenacity of the Railveyor team. In spite of extraordinary circumstances, they delivered on their promise. Now we are able to see the positive outcome of our work as the vessels are loaded."

For more information, visit www.RailVeyor.com.


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