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SAFETY: Hexagon introduces hazard alert feature, announces Proudfoot partnership

HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance system Credit: Hexagon

HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System Credit: Hexagon

ARIZONA – Hexagon’s Mining division, together with IDS GeoRadar, also a Hexagon company, has launched an industry-first platform, which integrates safety systems with radar-based slope stability hazards.

This platform is part of the newly released HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) 4.6. It allows mines to visualize equipment in real-time and receive timely hazard alerts for people and machinery. Workers and equipment are now better protected from dangerous events as they are forewarned of no-go-zones.

No-go zones are identified in IDS GeoRadar’s IBIS Guardian software, which creates geofenced zones and hazard maps, and is correlated with radar alarms. Guardian’s integration with CAS 4.6 and complementary HxGN MineProtect solutions, Personal Alert and Tracking Radar, ensures that alarms are automatically triggered when a no-go zone is approached.

“The additional layer of information created by this integration means better risk evaluation and is one more way to ensure everyone gets home safely,” Nick Hare, president of Hexagon’s mining division, said in a release. “It’s also a great example of our autonomous connected ecosystems strategy – connecting previously siloed processes in one platform that will save lives.”

“Vehicles and machinery are visualized in real time on the 3-D radar displacement map and consequently traffic management, based on slope hazards, can be further optimized through real-time monitoring data from our complementary solutions, Hydra-X, IBIS-FM and IBIS-ArcSAR,”added Alberto Bicci, president of IDS GeoRadar.

In addition, Hexagon’s mining division has also a new partnership with Proudfoot, an operational management consulting firm, to provide mining companies with unique safety-driven solutions to help de-risk mine operations. The partnership will combine Hexagon’s safety technology with Proudfoot’s people-centric approach to change.

“There’s nothing more powerful to me than knowing that our technology truly is saving people’s lives,” Hare added. “Together with Proudfoot, we can ensure our solutions are backed by a proven people-centric change methodology. Zero harm demands nothing less.”

Hexagon is a global company in the sensor, software and autonomous solutions space. IDS GeoRadar, a Hexagon company, provides products and solutions, based on radar technology, for mining, civil engineering and monitoring applications.

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