SCALES: Accurate weight data essential at mines

CALIFORNIA – Accurate weight data is a critical part of many activities in the mining industry, at every stage from site exploration […]
Accurate weight data boosts efficiency, control of costs, and regulatory compliance at mines.
[caption id="attachment_1003727657" align="aligncenter" width="469"] Accurate weight data boosts efficiency, control of costs, and regulatory compliance at mines.[/caption] CALIFORNIA – Accurate weight data is a critical part of many activities in the mining industry, at every stage from site exploration to processing and transportation of mined materials. Let’s look at how weighing accuracy affects resource acquisition and other aspects of mining, as well as the payload management benefits offered by truck scales. Why is accurate weight data so critical for the mining industry? Mining scales play an important role in monitoring and managing payloads, where accuracy and dependability are primary requirements. Accuracy in weighing data has a significant impact on areas such as:
  • Operational efficiency
  • Revenue management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Cost control
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • … and more
It also ensures that weight readings are legal-for-trade, along with precise details of incoming and outgoing materials, reduction in wastage, etc. As such, weighing accuracy forms an essential part of effective payload management, which is perhaps the most important aspect of any mining operation. How heavy duty truck scales help with mining payload management Truck scales are an integral part of weighing processes in numerous industries, but they are particularly important for mining firms. These heavy duty weighing systems have become part and parcel of large scale mining operations as well as smaller projects, particularly since there’s such a wide range of sizes, types and features to pick from. Mining companies can choose scales that fit their operational and control needs perfectly, as well as explore software and applications that streamline data collection, extraction and analysis. More importantly, however, they offer the highest degree of precision, reliability and accuracy even in the most rugged environments. From portable truck scales to fixed weighbridges, these weighing systems offer countless benefits for the mining industry as well as its related sectors. Here are some of the main benefits to consider:
  • Most truck scales are built to operate in even the harshest conditions, which makes them ideal for tough mining sites and hazardous locations.
  • Extracted materials do not need to be unloaded from the truck for weighing, which reduces delays, labor requirements and operating costs.
  • Even without additional safety features, operator safety is improved simply by reducing the need for repeated loading and unloading of materials.
  • Even with extreme environmental changes, their accuracy and reliability remains unaffected, preventing losses caused by inaccurate weight data.
  • They can often be customized according to specific vehicle types or sizes, mining applications where they will be used, safety or tracking requirements, etc.
  • Mining truck scales are designed for long-term use, and will last over two decades or more if they are inspected, cleaned, calibrated and repaired regularly.
Types of truck scales used in the mining industry There are many types of truck scales used in the mining industry, including:
  1. Onboard truck scales – With on-board truck scales for mining, loads are weighed on the truck instead of an external weighing scale, as well as during vehicle movement. These scales are installed on a vehicle’s chassis and may be customized to suit its dimensions or the specific requirements of your mining operation.
  2. Portable truck axle scales – These weighing scales are available in many sizes and capabilities, and are generally fixed on a truck’s axle to measure the weight of materials loaded on it. Also known as portable truck scales, these may be moved from one vehicle to another instead of being permanently fixed in place.
  3. Truck weighbridges – These may be installed above ground, in ground or at ground level, and trucks are directly positioned on them for weighing. Weighbridges often feature accessories designed to improve operational safety as well, such as remote displays, boom gates, surveillance cameras, and traffic control lights.
When it comes to advanced weighing technology for heavy-duty applications, truck scales are among the most flexible and innovative solutions available today. Scales are no longer used to measure weight alone, they are sophisticated systems that take practically all the guesswork out of mining payload management. This item was submitted by Quality Scales Unlimited of Byron, Calif. Visit the website at


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