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SEISMOLOGY: ESG Solutions teams up with Ultra-Deep Mining Network

KINGSTON, ON – ESG Solutions, an industry leader in microseismic solutions, is working with the Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) to improve safety and productivity in mines through the development of innovative methods focusing on rock stress risk reduction.  UDMN aims to become the leading organization in ultra-deep (below 2.5 km) research and innovation and to solve resource extraction difficulties.

“As mining in Canada occurs at greater depths, geotechnical risks are increasing significantly, particularly as they relate to stress within the rock mass,” says Damien Duff, UDMN rock stress risk reduction leader and vice-president of geoscience and geotechnical R&D at CEMI.  “Failing to address the challenges associated with increasing rock stress introduces unacceptable projects risks.”

ESG Solutions is examining an innovative approach to estimate rock stress using microseismic data collected during mine operations. Specifically, stress tensor determination from microseismic source mechanisms provides a relatively inexpensive way to assist in the evaluation of induced stress and mine hazard and acquire numerous stress measurements throughout wider volumes of a mine.

“Using microseismic data, mines will also have better opportunities for numerical model calibration and enhanced model forecasting by being able to obtain more accurate stress information from seismic data at remote locations in the mine,” says Dr. Dave Collins, manager of ESG’s Mining and Geotechnical Consulting Services Group. “Using seismic stress inversion analysis may also help mines increase understanding of failure processes. This can result in improved mine design and safety procedures, contributing to greater operational efficiencies and productivity,” he added.

ESG Solutions is confident this project will contribute beneficial tools to assist in the safe and effective operation of ultra-deep mines.

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