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TRUCK: Komatsu launches HD1500-8 off road dump vehicle

JAPAN – Komatsu starts sales of the HD1500-8 mechanical mining dump truck in April after having fully remodeled its predecessor deployed mainly in overseas mines.

Komatsu’s HD1500-8 off-highway truck is completely redesigned.

The new full model change version is powered by a 50-liter engine, compared to a 45-liter one in the preceding model, offering powerful running, supported by ample net power of 1,175kW. It is also equipped with a retarder with the largest volume in its class. When used together with the automatic retarder, the truck achieves safe and high speed downhill traveling. As a result of shortening the cycle time, it offers high productivity. It is also equipped with Komatsu traction control system (KTCS) designed to optimize performance when traveling on slippery and/or soft surfaces.

Key components, such as the mainframe, transmission and rear axle, have all been re-designed according to the latest technology and durability standards. As a result, they enable owners to cut down repair expenses and prolong overhaul intervals, reducing their total cost of ownership.

The HD1500-8 not only comes with KomVision (all-round monitoring system) as a standard feature, but also offers substantially enhanced real-time monitoring functions with the latest version of KomTrax Plus. By facilitating the “visualization” of machine and operating conditions, the new HD1500-8 is designed to improve the safely, productivity and capacity utilization of customers’ jobsite operations.

The model is equipped with a low angle diagonal stairway to/from the cab, which is safer and less burdensome physically for the operator. It also comes with the ergonomically designed round dashboard and air suspension seat with built-in heater and ventilator, creating the best possible environment for the operator.

The model also features the on-demand control of reducing horsepower loss in the hydraulic system and the ECO guidance which advises energy saving procedures for the operator, improving fuel economy.

The HD1500-8 mining dump truck, which incorporates cutting-edge technologies, achieves high productivity, reliability and safety. With this model, Komatsu strives to help customers optimize their mining operation.

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