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Agnico Eagle’s Sean Boyd is TNM’s Mining Person of the Year

As we look back at the career so far of Sean Boyd — Agnico Eagle Mines’ vice-chairman and CEO, and The Northern Miner’s Mining Person of the Year for 2017 — the opening words of Rudyard Kipling’s poem If come to mind: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs …”

In the context of Boyd leading one of the world’s great gold mining companies, “keeping your head” translates to his playing a vital role in keeping Agnico secure and on track through its relentless growth phase during the tumultuous 2010s.

This all happened while almost all his competitors in the gold industry went through near-corporate-death experiences brought on by construction cost overruns, exploding operating costs, ballooning debt and technical nightmares that led to multibillion-dollar write-downs, asset sales and the swift departures of a string of CEOs, who had been filled with hubris only a few years earlier.

While there’s a certain corporate conformity at the upper echelons of the gold-mining community, Agnico Eagle has taken on the spirit of its founder Paul Penna and always stood apart and gone about business its own way.

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