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CONTRACT: Denison Environmental extends work at closed BHP mines in Ontario and Quebec

The decommissioned Denison uranium mill site in Elliot Lake before (left) and after remediation. (Credit: Denison Environmental Services)

TORONTO – Denison Mines has announced that the company’s environmental services business, operating under the brand Denison Environmental Services, has entered into a new two-year services agreement in relation to the management and operation of several of BHP’s decommissioned mine sites in Ontario and Quebec.

David Cates, President and CEO of Denison commented, Denison’s environmental services business is often overlooked in favour of our ambitious uranium exploration and development activities in the Athabasca Basin … Our DES team is based in Elliot Lake, Ont., and has been providing services to BHP for over a decade. BHP is a cornerstone client for DES, and it speaks volumes to the quality of our people and services to have a repeat customer of this magnitude. ”

Under the terms of the BHP contract, DES will be responsible for the management and operation of nine historic mine sites in Ontario and two in Quebec from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2019. In this capacity, DES’s responsibilities are expected to include the following:

  • Operation of six water treatment plants and eight tailings management facilities;
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance, data management, and regulatory reporting;
  • Maintenance of roads, dams and electrical infrastructure;
  • Site management, including health and safety, procurement, logistics, and budgeting activities; and
  • Project management and execution of various projects, including infrastructure upgrades and replacements, engineering and environmental programs, as well as water management initiatives.

DES was formed in 1997 to provide mine decommissioning services to industry and government following the closure of Denison’s own uranium mining operations in Elliot Lake, Ont. Please visit