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EXPLORATION: IBM’s uber-computer Watson taking geology lessons

CALGARY and VANCOUVER – Think back six years when IBM‘s Watson computer raced past the human contestants to win Jeopardy! Now IBM is working with Goldcorp to use the cognitive technology of Watson to help select exploration targets at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mines in Northern Ontario.

Watson will analyze vast amounts of data – from drilling reports to geological survey information – to help geologists determine specific areas to explore next, reach high value exploration targets faster, calculate geological models with more certainty, and interpret the growing volume of data. This will improve the ability of geologists to glean new information from existing data and deliver regionalized insights for exploration.

“This is a strategic initiative for both IBM and Goldcorp,” said Dariusz Piotrowski, director, IBM Cognitive & Analytics Solutions Development. “We are taking the IBM’s analytics platform tested and proven in the oil and gas industry and adapting it to the mining industry, demonstrating that cognitive subsurface analytics can lead to performance enhancement across the entire natural resources sector.”

IBM is one of Canada’s top 10 private R&D investors, and in 2016 contributed more than $478 million to Canadian research activities. Please visit