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GOLD POUR: Metanor pours largest bars from restarted Bachelor Lake mill

QUEBEC - Congratulations to Val d'Or-based Metanor Resources on the pouring of two large gold bars at the rest...

QUEBEC – Congratulations to Val d’Or-based Metanor Resources on the pouring of two large gold bars at the restarted Bachelor Lake mill. The bars weighed 747 and 744 oz. They are the largest and first weekly bars over 700 oz in the history of the company. The ore came from the nearby Barry open pit where the resource numbers are being updated.

Metanor said in a press release that the gold was sold into a “buoyant” gold market at approximately C$1,280 per ounce.

Said president and COO Ghislain Morin, “We are very pleased with the performance of the mill since the beginning of its commissioning subsequent to its recent upgrade to 1,200 tonnes per day capacity. The recoveries are very good and our team is doing a great job of monitoring the process of slowing increasing the capacity to its full potential.”

The mill was restarted at 400 t/d, and has undergone three expansions in the last two years: first to 700 t/d, then to 800 t/d and recently to 1,200 t/d.

“The mill is currently operating at close to 1,100 tonnes per day, slowing increasing to full capacity, with a 94-95% recovery rate,” Morin added.

Detailed information about the Bachelor Lake mill and Barry open pit is available at