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LITHIUM: Veolia’s HPD evaporator and crystallizer chosen for NAL project

QUEBEC – Veolia Water Technologies will supply its proprietary HPD evaporation and crystallization technology to recover lithium from a mining waste stream, reducing environmental impact and producing a valuable by-product in sodium sulfate.

The mill and processing plant at North American Lithium’s project near Val d’Or. (Image: North American Lithium)

North American Lithium is planning to re-start its hydromet mining operation in La Corne for the production of lithium carbonate. The mine is about 60 km north of Val d’Or. Lithium carbonate is one of the main materials needed to produce lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, computers and mobile phones.

North American Lithium has turned to Veolia Water Technologies for the installation of the sodium sulfate crystallization circuit. The primary objective is increased recovery of lithium while producing a sodium sulfate by-product. In doing so, the project will benefit from recovering two products from what, previously, was a waste stream, thereby reducing the environmental impact and making the project a commercially viable source of valuable lithium carbonate.

The multistage process includes MVR falling film evaporation, two-stage crystallization in a HPD draft tube crystallizer, and a HPD MVR crystallizer to produce anhydrous sodium sulfate that is dried for sale. This solution allows the client to recover useful resources in an energy efficient way and ensures a complete and well running lithium carbonate production plant.

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