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Lubricants: Klondike ‘nano’ product improves equipment performance

British Columbia — Klondike Lubricants has introduced a new product that it says drastically improves performance of industrial and heavy equipment.

Klondike nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease uses the company’s proprietary “nano” design. The micro-sized lubricant particles are combined with a highly stable PAO synthetic grease into a lubricant that has outperformed competitors’ products in a wide range of test areas.

Klondike nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease. Credit: Klondike Lubricants

Klondike nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease. Credit: Klondike Lubricants

Klondike says testing has shown the lubricant can reduce equipment downtime by 45%; extend maintenance intervals; lengthen machinery life; and decrease energy consumption while improving equipment performance.

“Through a lot of research and effort, we’ve been able to perfect a grease formulation that drastically decreases friction and increases machine performance, even under the most extreme conditions,” says Klondike senior technical manager Russell Arnot. “It’s the first and only fully synthetic nano grease in Canada and promises significant reduction in costs for users who are adopting the new product.”

To back up its claims, Klondike has subjected its new nano product to a battery of tests that prove the new grease beats all competitors’ products in a number of key categories. The company says the tests, conducted by a third party and run according to ASTM criteria on test equipment calibrated to ASTM standards, all clearly showed the exceptional performance of the Klodike nano product.

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