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TRANSPORT: Kovatera is new name of trusted utility vehicles

Look to the new Kovatera brand for the toughest, most reliable and versatile underground utility vehicle in its class.

LIVELY, Ont. – As part of an aggressive business strategy to grow domestic and international sales, Industrial Fabrication has launched a new brand for its line of underground mine utility vehicles.

Formerly marketed under the Minecat brand the company has undertaken an extensive rebranding exercise to better reflect the company’s business strategy and entry into new markets. Moving forward the company and its product lines will be marketed under the brand name Kovatera. The company is a recognized leader in purpose-built utility vehicles made for the rigours of underground mining.

“We have had great success in developing and marketing our product lines domestically here in Canada. The Minecat brand has developed into a very respectable brand for our space in the Canadian underground mining industry. Additional to providing ongoing support to our domestic customer base, we are now focusing on expanding our footprint into new markets such as Australia, Mexico, South America, Europe and Eurasia,” explains Will Gove, Kovatera’s general manager.

“Given our global expansion strategy, new product development and the starting of a new lean manufacturing production line this past January, our management team felt it was time to refresh our brand to reflect these initiatives. After an extensive branding exercise, we have landed on a new name that we believe reflects the products we build and is more distinctive for the markets we are expanding into,” adds Gove.

The new name reflects the mandate of the company to produce industry leading mine utility vehicles into one word. “Our rebranding process and research confirmed that our engineering and manufacturing point-of-difference since the company’s founding, is that we have just one mission: engineer and manufacture small footprint mine utility vehicles from the ground up, purpose built to be the toughest, most reliable and lowest total cost of ownership machines in the category.

“Kovatera is a coined word that is made up of two roots: ‘Kova’ a derivative of the Finnish word for ‘tough’ reflecting both the ownership’s ethnic background and our mission to be the most reliable machine in the marketplace. ‘Tera’ is an abbreviated form of the Latin word for ‘Earth’ (terra). Combined, the name Kovatera reflects both our mission and the extreme environments we operate in,” explains Gove of the new brand.

The company’s plans for expansion go beyond geography and new markets. Now in the final engineering and testing phase, the company will be rolling out a line of electric-powered vehicles, with the same purpose built, reliable and cost effective characteristics as their diesel counterparts.

“An important part of our future growth will be in the supply of alternate energy powered equipment to a marketplace that is increasingly interested in the benefits that these new power sources bring. Currently electric battery powered vehicles are servicing this demand. In the future there may be other forms of energy that come into play. It is Kovatera’s mission to meet this market demand. We will not, however, ever compromise our promise to customers that our machines will be purpose-built to meet the heavy duty cycle and tough operating environment of underground mines, while at the same time offering versatility, low cost of ownership and maximize machine uptime,” stated Kovatera’s general manager.

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