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Update: Stornoway starts diamond production at Renard

It’s not easy to over deliver, or let alone deliver according to plan. But, it’s what Stornoway Diamond (TSX:SWY) has a knack for doing.

In mid-July, the company started processing ore at Quebec’s first operating diamond mine, ahead of its already revised schedule.

“There’s a huge amount of human capital that has to go into bringing any mine into production, just time and money. So seeing it happen and it is happening under the best circumstances. I mean we are doing very well. We’re ahead of schedule, we’re below budget. Having it happen like that is a terrific experience,” Matt Manson, the company’s president and CEO, says in a phone interview.

The Glasgow native, who became president in March 2007 and CEO in January 2009, notes Stornoway chose the start of ore process as the “moment to celebrate” the achievements at Renard. “It really marks the end of a 15-year journey of huge amounts of effort in exploration, in development studies, permitting, financing, construction.”

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