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DIAMONDS: Lucara subsidiary firms up ties with Sarine

VANCOUVER – Through its wholly owned subsidiary Clara Diamond Solutions, Lucara Diamond Corp. has entered into a collaboration agreement with Sarine Technologies, the world’s leading developer of technologies for the diamond industry.

With Clara and Sarine technologies, the origin and ownership of every Lucara diamond will be easily traceable. (Image: Lucara Diamond)

Clara will be the exclusive, worldwide customer for customized interfaces and versions of Sarine’s Galaxy inclusion mapping technology and its Advisor optimal rough planning for use with Clara’s 100% owned, proprietary digital diamond sales platform. Clara is on track to launch later this year, with inaugural rough diamond sales set to commence in the third quarter.

Clara will use Sarine’s technologies along with cloud and blockchain technologies to match diamonds individually with customers’ specific needs. The “batch” style sales process is eliminated. Selling individual gems will ensure the best possible price for each one. Every diamond will have its own records of its origin and ownership.

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