Fabled Copper announces high copper percentages at Eagle Creek 

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) has announced the results of 2022 surface field work on its Muskwa copper project.   The […]
South extension of Eagle Creek copper occurrence, sample D-723689 – 23.40% copper. Fabled Copper photo

Fabled Copper (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) has announced the results of 2022 surface field work on its Muskwa copper project.  

The project comprises the Neil property, the Toro property, and the Bronson property all located in the Liard mining division in northern British Columbia. 

Float sample D-723639, taken at the 1,484-metre elevation, consisted of quartz carbonate with black graphic shale with abundant malachite and one to three percent chalcopyrite. This sample returned 1.3 % copper. Sample D-723640, taken 18 metres-vertical below that of above, consisted of 50% sheared siltstone and carbonate in a shear fabric with 50% carbonate and siltstone fragments contained 1% chalcopyrite and returned 0.5% copper.  

Sample D-723641, taken a further 25 metres below, consisted of quartz carbonate with one to two per cent chalcopyrite and moderate malachite alteration and returned 1.5% copper. Float sample D-723642, taken at 1,423 metres, consisted of quartz carbonate with trace of chalcopyrite assayed 0.25% copper, and D-723643 consisted of dark brown weathered quartz carbonate with malachite and 3% chalcopyrite returned 3.8% copper. 

Float sample D-723687, examined and taken at 1,616 metres of elevation, consisted of massive sulphides with iron carbonate and weathered rusty brown with 95% chalcopyrite and returned 17% copper.  

Float sample D-723689, taken 13 metres above, consisted of semi massive sulphides and quartz veining with 60% chalcopyrite and a three percent bornite and returned 23% copper.  

The north and south extension of the Eagle Creek copper occurrence is located on the Neil property roughly 1 to 1.5 km east of the 6400 Eagle Vein adit where the 2022 underground lidar survey was completed. The Eagle Creek flows northward into the Yedhe Creek, and it is located in the same valley that contains the eastern end of the 6400 adit & Eagle Vein exposure that are located on the west cliff face of the valley. 

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