PORTABLE, TELESCOPIC BUILDING: Unique, expandable building solution for remote areas

CANADA – Working in remote locations can mean everyday conveniences aren’t readily available for your crew and worksite when you need them. […]





CANADA - Working in remote locations can mean everyday conveniences aren’t readily available for your crew and worksite when you need them. Artspan has designed the Teleshop to fill in the gaps wherever your work might take you. These easy to move, telescopic structures are ideal for a number of different industries and applications. Industries and Applications Artspan’s goal was to design something that was versatile in function and easy to transport to any location. Teleshops can be fully deployed in five minutes or less making them the ideal site solution for remote locations to ensure projects run efficiently wherever they may be. These structures are perfect for mining, oil and gas or even heavy construction sites. They can be used as wash facilities or maintenance buildings when permanent structures are not an option. The possibilities of Teleshop are endless. Investment Portable buildings in remote areas need to withstand structural, transport and climate driven tests.  All Artspan Teleshops are built with functionality and durability in mind.  The heavy duty skid framed structures are designed to move and withstand the harshest conditions and climates. Their easy and compact transport mode and expanded height and width onsite allow this portable structure to function in a variety of ways, further increasing their long term use and value.  Teleshops are structurally engineered and climate controlled, keeping your staff and equipment cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Teleshops avoid the limitations of permanent, on-site structures.  When a contract expires or job is completed, the Teleshop allows you to take your building investment with you, continuing to provide return on your investment. Features and Options With Artspan Teleshops, quality comes standard.  These structurally engineered buildings are up to 6.5-metres wide (21 ft.,) and up to almost 20-metres long (65 ft.). They feature an R31 building envelope, steel cladded exterior and interior, LED lighting, overhead door, painted steel floor and heavy duty skid frame. If you are looking to add a little something extra to your design, they have a number of available upgrades to make the Teleshop unique to your needs. They can provide you with an in-floor heating system, single or dual slide-outs, drive through option, sloped floor with drain/sump pit or a number of other options. The Teleshop was designed to make your life easier regardless if you need a short term or long term solution. The quick set up makes it easy to finish up jobs for short term projects and the ability to relocate means whenever you are done on one site, you can just pack it up and move it to the next site.  Artspan would be happy to answer any questions you may have about their Teleshops and figure out what options are right for you. Artspan Inc. is based in Winkler, Man., and they ship their teleshops throughout Canada.  Visit www.artspaninc.com/teleshops for more information.


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