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There’s nothing wrong with taking risks. As mineral explorers, developers and miners, risk comes with the job in many remote and difficult […]

There’s nothing wrong with taking risks. As mineral explorers, developers and miners, risk comes with the job in many remote and difficult conditions.

Now is the time to mitigate the travel risks and ensure the safety of your travellers to all corners of Canada and the world with the services of the experts at Corporate Traveller.

The Corporate Traveller team of dedicated professionals offer flexibility, choice and savings that you can actually see. They know safety matters, and it is always top of mind, so they don’t take risks when it comes to traveller safety. They know everything about managing cancellations, transferring airline credits and minimizing changes so you get real savings. Finally, they know your projects matter, and make sure you are the priority as they operate in nimble smaller teams rather than large call centres.

Whether the need is to move rotational crews with high volume or smaller teams with more complicated, executive travel and more the company will manage your travel with expertise. Clients also receive relevant reports and guidance to use in annual meetings as part of their transparency commitment. And 24/7 emergency assistance is always available for your travellers.

With over 250 mining clients in Canada and nearly 1,000 worldwide, Corporate Traveller knows what its mining customers need – starting with a dedicated travel manager and a customer success manager. They will keep the head office (or lead project manager) and people on the ground informed of any road bumps that arise. They make sure the travel program is working smoothly and efficiently. A tracking platform for individual travelers makes it easy to know which travellers have arrived at their destinations and who is heading home.

Corporate Traveller provides a duty of care travellers with visibility, knowledge, expertise, and communication. Clients use the reporting platform to deep dive onto the reports needed to keep track of where people are and how the travel program is working.

When a new client signs up for Corporate Traveller service, their experts will help develop the travel policy and get the client’s team on board. The service can be customized for each customer and throughout the process, tips and tricks will be shared to ensure that you have a travel management solution you can trust.

If a client prefers a bespoke program, the company offers the unique blend of travel experts and technology through its platform Melon. They will teach how to build traveller profiles, and most importantly, keep them up to date (which helps with large turnover numbers).

Mining travel relies on organization and efficiency, and that’s where the Corporate Traveller team of experts really shine. They work with clients to determine the clearest ways forward, the best ways of communicating, and processes that work for everyone. Good communication is key in any great relationship, so should anything need to be changed or updated, their experts are always there for you.  

Visit the website at https://www.corptraveller.com/en-ca/services/industry-expertise/mining to learn more about why they are experts in the ins-and outs of mining travel.


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