Starting off light in heavy times

Regardless of what some economists are saying about conditions getting better for the mining industry, there&r...



Regardless of what some economists are saying about conditions getting better for the mining industry, there’s no question that there’s still a long way to go to recover from what has plagued the industry for over a year now and unfortunately, continues to do so in many areas.

  “Care and Maintenance” are words that remain in our everyday vocabulary and “closed” and “bankrupt” are two others that have made too many headlines in recent months.

  To get away from the doom-and-gloom for a moment, we thought it would be a welcome distraction to offer something a little different; something to take your mind off business for a while and what better way is there than through Oxymorons. 

  Some of you may have already read a few of these, but have a look anyway and see if these questions don’t take your mind off of mining for a moment.

1)     If work is so terrific, why do they have to pay you to do it?

2)     Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words?

3)     Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack?

4)     Why does “slow down” and “slow up” mean the same?

5)     Why does “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing?

6)     Why do “tug” boats “push” barges?

7)     Why do we sing “Take me out to the ball game” when we’re already there?

8)     Why are they called “stands” when they are made for “sitting?”

9)     Why is it called “after dark” when it really is “after light?”

10) Doesn’t “expecting the unexpected” make the unexpected expected?

11) Why are a “wise man” and a “wise guy” opposites?

12) Why do “overlook” and “oversee” mean opposite things?

13) Why is “phonics” not spelled the same was as it sounds?

14) Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?

15) If all of the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?

16) If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

17) If you are cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you read all right?

18) Why is bra singular and panties plural?

19) Why do you press harder on the buttons on a remote control when you know the batteries are dead?

20) Why do we put suits in garment bags and garments in a suitcase?

21) How come abbreviated is such a long word?

22) Why do we wash bath towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?

23) Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the container it’s in?

24) When hot coffee goes cold, why does it go colder than room temperature?

25) Why do they call it a TV set when you only have one?

And finally.

26) Christmas – What other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of your socks?

Those are just a few questions we hope took your mind off of mining for a moment.


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