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VIRTUAL REALITY: Worksite VR training at Oyu Tolgoi mine

AUSTRALIA – Immersive Technologies developed a series of WorksiteVR Quest virtual reality scenarios designed to facilitate a blended learning model in conjunction with eLearning and practical activities. Mine site inductions are necessary however often dry, boring, and forgettable. Mining operations are now acknowledging the value of Virtual Reality Training, shifting site inductions to become a significant opportunity to proactively mitigate risk.

With the use of WorksiteVR Quest, this is being achieved with exceptional results. Mining personnel are completing their induction possessing the confidence that they can apply their learnings and deal with emergency situations, along with an increased level of information retention after induction is complete.

Virtual reality is coming to a mine near you.

Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia, operates 10 WorksiteVR Quest systems with more than 1,100 people having completed the induction program. As a new mine in development a large number of contractors and permanent staff are on site. At its peak, there will be 5,800 people on site that require induction and safety training which:

  • Conveys critical mining and safety information;
  • Caters for vastly different levels of experience;
  • Accommodates multiple languages;
  • Addresses retention and application of knowledge and skills;
  • Transitions seamlessly from theory to competence on the job; and
  • Demonstrates commitment to zero harm.

The scenarios were developed in both Mongolian and English and covered topics ranging from identification of correct personal protection equipment to refuge chamber access and procedures.

An analysis of survey data was conducted where monthly results of the training before WorksiteVR Quest was introduced were compared with the results after. This was conducted over a 10-month period and included both expats and Mongolian nationals. The results demonstrated broad improvements including:

  • A 22% increase in understanding of tagging procedures;
  • A 12% increase in confidence in personnel being able to apply their learning;
  • A 10% increase in knowledge retention and recall; and
  • A 16% increase in confidence of successfully initiating an emergency response

“This achievement by Oyu Tolgoi mine using WorksiteVR Quest, provides an excellent example of how, this technology can be applied to great effect. WorksiteVR Quest, like all Immersive Technologies products is designed from its core out, to achieve quantifiable improvement in the safety of mining personnel.” says Wayde Salfinger, executive director, marketing, Immersive Technologies.

Click here to visit the Worksite VR Quest website.

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