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‘We’ll see significant amounts of automation’: Michelle Ash on new technologies at the Global Mining Symposium

A key theme of the Global Mining Symposium is the need to advance new technologies to make mining safer, as well as more efficient and productive, which is why Northern Miner senior reporter Carl A. Williams spoke to Michelle Ash, chief executive of GEOVIA-Dassault Systèmes, from her home in Melbourne, Australia. Dassault Systèmes is a software company and GEOVIA is a division that is specifically focused on mining-related software.

“What we’re doing is looking at capabilities in mining,” she told Williams. “And looking at the capabilities that (Dassault) has developed for other industries and bringing some of those capabilities now to mining.”

The idea she outlined is to build a full suite of products that can be used across the mining value chain, from traditional aspects such as exploration, geology and extraction, to uses in logistics, planning, maintenance, project development and project optimization.

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