Human Resources

The mining workforce of the future

Digital and automated technologies are transforming all facets of the mining industry, including the profile of its workforce. People have to be […]

A national voice for the mining industry

In the February issue of the CMJ, Russell Noble sent out "A call to all Mining Associations", expressing the need for a national voice in addressing the looming skills shortage faced by the industry. A key question asked was "what…

Is your company ready for new employee regulations?

Whether your company currently employs temporary foreign workers (TFW), or whether your company may do so in the future, you will need to be aware of the new Temporary Foreign Worker Program regulations that went into force on April 1,…

It’s Time To Get More Women-On-Board

Although women moved into the workforce in great numbers in the 1980s, they still have to catch up to men in terms of leadership positions in corporate America. The New York human resources firm Catal...