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A message from the publisher of CMJ

CMJ Publisher Robert Seagraves.

CMJ Publisher Robert Seagraves.

In these times of strife and isolation, it is essential to remain connected and informed. As such, Canadian Mining Journal will continue with its regular publishing schedule. We will also keep the industry connected through our Daily E-Newsletter, website and Twitter account (@Cdn_Mining_Jrnl). All of our issues are posted digitally on our website and there is no paywall for any of the information we disseminate.

You can have confidence in the information we publish. We have a record that stretches back to 1879 and we have been in continuous publication since 1882. We have survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, numerous recessions and many deadly pandemics. Like the mining industry itself, we are resilient and will continue to serve the industry from our home offices.

With the elimination of physical trade shows for the foreseeable future, trade magazines such as Canadian Mining Journal remain the most reliable source for information on new products or services to the mining industry, whether you’re a solution provider or in need of one.

We are Canada’s only Alliance of Audited Media (AAM) mining publication, which means we reach a verified audience of mining professionals. With 11,494 AAM subscribers and 29,000 monthly readers, we are Canada’s most-read mining publication. Our website draws 31,000 unique monthly visitors and we have 5,500 subscribers to our Daily E-Newsletter.

The mining industry is poised for a massive rebound once the COVID-19 virus is subdued, so it is imperative to stay connected – and for service and supply companies, visible – during this time. Our industry is populated by some of the smartest and most capable people with a work ethic and real-world experience that would put many of our elected officials to shame.In the not-so-distant future, governments of all levels across Canada will likely have no choice but to facilitate a ramp up in resource production to get the country working again and fill the void in their coffers. The resource sector is one of the backbones of the Canadian economy and it behooves our governments to remember that.

In parting, I ask you all to stay safe, and to stay connected with your family, friends and work colleagues.

Robert Seagraves


Canadian Mining Journal