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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Minerva signs on White Gold

White Gold drill core Credit: White Gold/ Minerva

White Gold drill core Credit: White Gold/ Minerva

VANCOUVER – Minerva Intelligence, artificial intelligence company with a proprietary decision-making software, has announced that it has signed a service contract with White Gold, to implement its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across the JP Ross, Vertigo, and Titan properties. White Gold holds a total of 4,390 sq. km across 35 properties within the Yukon’s White Gold district.

“We’re excited for the new insights Minerva can show us,” Shawn Ryan, chief technical advisor of White Gold, said in a release. “By using Minerva’s cognitive AI to identify the geochemical relationships between various structures, we can essentially get an unbiased second opinion to augment our own exploration effort and at a price that’s about the cost of a single RAB hole.”

Minerva can deliver these insights by leveraging its cognitive AI applications to identify multi-element zones within WGO’s data, associating these zones with relevant lithologies and structures, and expressing these extracted exploration vectors in a form that enables computer reasoning.

Minerva’s cognitive reasoning platform then extends its AI work by comparing the identified vectors to mines throughout the world, short-listing those most similar to WGO’s targets, which can then serve as models upon which the company’s geologists can build their drilling strategies.

“We are thrilled to be working with White Gold and Shawn Ryan in the exploration space, furthering our strategy of applying our technology to the mining and geohazard sectors,” Scott Tillman, CEO of Minerva Intelligence, said in a release. “While this is the first phase of the contract, we are optimistic that it will showcase the vast scope of what our technology is able to do.”

“Mining and geohazards represent a significant opportunity for our technology to help in the exploration process as well as with risk analysis, and this contract further validates our belief that there is a real need and demand for what Minerva’s software is able to offer,” Tillman concluded.

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