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SAFETY: Perform autonomous raise checks with Rail Runner

With the Rail Runner robot from SafeSight, there is no need to guess what the raise face looks like after a blast.

NORTH BAY, Ont. – True innovation is realized through curiosity and collaboration. SafeSight’s latest safety creation has arrived from deep collaboration with Redpath Canada bringing both their field experience and innovative concepts to the table. The result has been the development of the MRC Rail Runner.

The MRC Rail Runner provides autonomous raise inspection using modern and tested technologies. This utility robot, installed on a MRC (mechanized raise climber) rail, climbs and performs a video inspection of the face or the entirety of the raise. The robot then returns to the operator in the nest with HD video of the MRC development work area. The resulting files are stamped with the capture date and time. The MRC Rail Runner can be used at any time during the day, but is most beneficial after a blast to complete a face inspection without delay before work continues.

For the mine construction sector, this transformational product improves safety and performance by decreasing worker exposure and increasing productivity.

Final field testing will be in September 2019 with an expected release in full release in October.

SafeSight Exploration is an innovative mining company, specializing in the application of the latest technologies in drone, LiDAR, and imaging technology to the mining sector. Supporting operational drone programs in Northern Ontario and beyond, SafeSight has completed over 100 operational drone flights underground.

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