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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Building Indigenous relationships

TORONTO – Anyone wishing to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples for the advancement of mineral projects should read the new paper by lead author Hon. Frank Iacobucci, former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and senior counsel at Torys LLP.

Hon. Frank Iacobucci

The paper highlights how project proponents should follow a defined strategy in order to succeed. Here are the important points:

  1. The relationships are based on mutual respect and trust, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Mutual respect and trust built on positive, ongoing and mutual conduct.
  2. Each party understands the other’s interests over the short, medium and long term and is willing to accommodate, at least, some of the other party’s interests.
  3. The parties are committed to a long-term relationship (as opposed to a transactional or short term approach). Part of this commitment is often due to aligning long term interests, including financial ones.

CMJ readers are reminded that building equal partnerships with Indigenous communities is the best means of advancing a project. Please read the entire paper by clicking here.